Royal United offers a complete line of Turbo Controllers! Whether you need a simple sequential timer or a more elaborate system with an internal pressure monitor / Clean On Demand capability with SD card recording, we have a model to address your system requirements.

All controllers are equipped with the following standard features
  • Digital LED keypad that allows for easy user interface

  • On board transformer capable of a wide range of inputand output voltages via on-board jumper configurations.(110vac/220vac input) & (24vdc/24vac/110vac/220vac output)
  • Manual solenoid activation
  • External contact cleaning activation

  • Maintenance hour counter
  • ABS polycarbonate enclosures, with IP65 protection from dust and water, and IK08/07 shock resistance

  • Two alarm relays to detect a wide range of potential errors; broken filter, solenoid error, discrepancy between voltage setting and jumper position, etc. (Larger models have more than 2)

  • Options for metal enclosures or enclosures with pre-mounted solenoids are also available

All “Clean on Demand” Models include
  • 4-20 mA output proportional to dP reading
  • Precoat function – overrides the normal high dP set pointduring start-up
  • dP calibration


E1T series is our standard sequential controller with up to 99 outputs. 2 relay output contacts and 2 digital inputsfrom contacts.

E2T series is our “clean on demand” Economizer model with up to 99 outputs. 2 relay output contacts and 2 digital inputs from contacts.

  • The E2T series has internal transducers that measure the pressure differential automatically and can be programmed to clean at user set dP points.
  • The filters are only cleaned when required, allowing considerable energy savings and longer life of the filter elements.
  • The E2T series has (4) modes of operation: Manual, Automatic, Automatic w/ Forced Cleaning, and Proportional Cleaning.
  • Completely Customized Solution.

E6T series is our “clean on demand” Economizer available for larger baghouses with up to 184 outputs. 3 relay output contacts, 2 digital inputs from contacts. Micro SD data storage card. Same points as the E2T except standard with metal enclosure and quick intuitive menu with large luminous display.

E4T Series is a sequencer card operating within a remote pilot enclosure. The sequencer operates at 24vdc. Up to 8 pilots can be mounted in each enclosure with the sequencer card. The pilots are protected inside the enclosure box, isolated from the environment, any dust, weather or accidental impacts.

Single DIN Timers are available for individual diaphragm valves with integral solenoids.

  • These timers simply utilize the 3-prong connection of the solenoid and can be mounted directly on the valve with the solenoid. They can be programmed to clean sequentially.
  • These timers require no maintenance. Periodically test the unit by pushing the TEST button and listening if the valve opens.
  • Activation can be set with on-time from 0.1 to 99 (seconds, minutes, hours).

ECO-NET, EC+ and EC++, serial control of up to 128 solenoid valves via BUS System, with control of up to 250 solenoid valves possible. Similar to Matrix, Turbo’s Eco-Net controllers have a MODBUS RTU Master + Slave (pneumatic or electric) serial system that eliminates traditional wiring costs of the solenoid valves. The serial system allows for management of filter compartments/modules for both ON-line and OFF-line cleaning. Continuous dust emission control and relative recording.

Offers the ability to control parameters such as:

  • The operating state of the unit
  • The clogged state of the dP value filter
  • The active solenoid valves and any alarms
  • The time remaining for the command of the next air jet
  • The emission value

  • ABS polycarbonate
  • CE metal enclosures
  • NEMA 4 metal enclosures
  • NEMA 4x stainless enclosures
  • E1T and E2T controllers are available with pre-installed pilots, eliminating the need for a separate pilot enclosure.
Available Options

G2 Feature: This allows for pulsing two solenoids per output, cost effectively increasing the output capabilities of the controller.

12vdc and 24vdc Input/Output Power: These units forego the standard transformer with multiple output voltages and work exclusively with 12vdc or 24vdc input power. (Particularly for the 12vdc option, this is a specialized solution for mobile equipment that runs on dc motors).

Questions? Contact us!

Although the operating methods of the Turbo controllers cover the most common system requirements in the field for dust control, our staff is available to assist with customized solutions. Please contact us at your convenience.


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