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Injecting fluorescent tracing powder prior to the initial start up of a new system is the one sure way to detect system leaks, weld cracks and/or filter problems.

Container Sizes

  • 5 lb.

  • 25 lb.

  • 300 lb.

  • Case of four (4) 5 lb. containers
    (Best Value)

Available Colors

  • Pink

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Blue

  • Orange

  • Purple

Royal United can supply this UV light, used in conjunction with leak powder, to detect filter bag leaks. This powerful light is designed to help maintenance personnel quickly and to easily find leaks in any dust collection unit.

This kit is a flashlight UV light kit with a rechargeable battery and two charging cords, 1 for electric & one portable for charging in your vehicle.  Glasses are also included.

Precoating agent is utilized to condition both woven and felted media prior to initial collector start up. The injection of an ideal conditioning agent establishes an initial dust cake and a moisture absorbing layer between the filter media and the initial startup process gas. Contact RU for further information about usage and injection procedures.

Container Sizes

  • 50 lb.

  • 450 lb.

  • Bulk Truck(s)

Worm Gear

Quick Release

Clamp T-Bolt

Available Sizes

  • 3-5

  • 4-6

  • 5-7

Specialty component parts available upon request
  • Spark Arrestors

  • Explosion Vents

  • Spring Assemblies

  • And More

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