The installed equipment base of our industry ANNUALLY provides aftermarket revenue in the hundreds of millions of dollars for replacement filters, parts and related services. It is unfortunate that many equipment builders struggle to participate in any significant manner in this downstream revenue. Had they retained their respective aftermarket revenue, the general health of our industry would be significantly improved from where it is today.

From our unique position within this industry we believe that every OEM will benefit from a successful focus on retaining revenue associated with their installed equipment base and offer our full support of such effort.

Accordingly, Royal United hereby pledges that we will:

  • Sell only to builders and modifiers of pollution control equipment
  • Decline to participate in any aftermarket sales opportunity directly with any end user/equipment operator
  • Neither directly nor indirectly maintain, share or profit from any history and/or knowledge of our customers installed equipment
  • Assist any customer in the development of strategies to help retain aftermarket revenue through product differentiation, private labeling, favorable component pricing, technical support and any other reasonable request within our abilities.