We believe collectively that Royal United and its sister company, Integrated Pulse Systems, represents the most active source for pre-assembled air header technology in North America. We have qualified a network of certified fabricators that, under our direction, offer an unequaled capacity for both ASME and CE air header fabrication. We are therefore uniquely qualified to service virtually any air header design required by your end user customer.


Integrated Pulse Systems, a sister company to Royal United, is the leading source of supply for fully assembled air header technology in North America. Its primary focus is the design, fabrication and assembly of ASME U-Stamped (Section VIII, Division 1) pressure vessels utilizing high volume full-immersion valve technology. Tank diameters from 6” to 18” available for standard and long bag technology to provide the necessary volume of compressed air needed to deliver the required cleaning energy. Close pitch (valve center spacing) to 7” available with 3” full-immersion valves in with integral and remote pilot options. NEMA 4 and NEMA 7/9 solutions available in remote configuration.

We offer the widest selection of design options for valve and header technology in the industry. All headers manufactured with CE approval. Tank diameters available from 4” to 18” to PED 2014/68/EU Directives.

CE certified stainless steel header assemblies available with stainless steel 1” and 1.5” full-immersion valves. Both 304 and 316 stainless steel options available for tanks as well as the 1” and 1.5” valves.

Turbo offers an aluminum tank series, the Alutank, in 6” and 8” diameters.

The tank body is constructed from extruded anodized aluminum with aluminum end caps. The anodized aluminum has a protective layer, lending to greater resistance to wear from normal handling and usage. The thick outer coating increases the corrosion resistivity of the surface, as it prevents further oxidation. The aluminum surface is harder than pure aluminum, second only to diamonds with respect to its hard, crystalline structure. The finish is also aesthetically pleasing.

The Alutank can be constructed with Immersion valves or the Flanged Straight Through valves.

Largest supplier to the OEM market in North America for both ASME and CE certified air header assemblies. We offer the widest selection of design options for valve and header technology in the industry. Customized designs per OEM requirements from header diameter, number of valves, valve size, surface preparation, surface coating to timer/controller options pre-wired and ready to set and operate when delivered.

Header diameters available from 4” to 18” with ASME and CE certifications. Full-immersion valve sizes range from ¾” to 4”.

Numerous timer and controller options available including standard wiring from pulse valves to timer/controller enclosures. Matrix electrical wiring system also available for all ASME header assemblies (see Matrix Electrical Wiring System section for details). Matrix can be installed and wired to the timer/controller per Customer requirements.

New designs available as well as replacement options for current installations regardless of previous manufacturer.

We generate the approval drawing for header assemblies with all pertinent details included for Customer review and approval. AutoCAD (2D and 3D) drawing available after drawing approval for use in general arrangement and details drawings. No reason to “recreate the wheel” since we generate the approval drawing.

After final assembly, all header assemblies are fully tested for proper operation and functionality.

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