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To compliment our Turbo pulse valve cleaning technology, Royal United offers a broad range of Sequential Timers with varying functionality to fit any budget. Our timer products range from “off the shelf” Solid State boards that are intended to be installed in a customer supplied enclosure to engineered systems integration manufactured in our UL 508A certified shop.


Solid State Sequential Timers Boards: 

  • UL (Canada & US) certified
  • 6 and 10 output sequential timer boards
  • 10 and 20 output timers with compatible DP transmitter
  • 10 and 20 output timers with internal DP switch
  • available also in NEMA 4 or 4X enclosures
  • Two year warranty



“User Friendly” sequencers that clean on time or on demand with internal pressure switch:  

  • various models with range of outputs from 4 to 64
  • after cycle “blow down” feature
  • digital keypad and display for ease of set up and control
  • ability to select variable voltage input and output
  • includes dust and water tight enclosure “ready to mount”
  • Two year warranty


Custom designed and fabricated UL timer/controllers fabricated in a UL 508A certified production shop:

  • timer control boards with adjustable digital setpoints
  • integrated differential pressure indicators or transmitters
  • electrical enclosures and wire ways in compliance with NEMA and UL
  • shop assembly and wiring between timer and header assembly

Our goal – to be the easiest company your staff will ever work with!

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