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Since our 2001 introduction of Turbo Controls to the manufacturers of air filtration systems in North America, Turbo has become the industry's fastest growing pulse valve. Offering a complete line of competitively priced “right angle”, “straight through” and “immersion” valve technology, Turbo is now the pulse valve source for over one third of all equipment builders, and growing.


Our customers value the following features of Turbo pulse valves:


  • Heavy duty, die cast aluminum bodies
  • All moving parts (diaphragms and springs) are engineered for durability and long life
  • "Drop in” dimensionally compatible with other leading designs
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality assurance
  • Standard integral coils are UL (US and Canada) registered and marked as such
  • All remote solenoid enclosures are NEMA 4


To those we have yet to convince, we offer the following criteria for your consideration:


1. ECONOMIC   - Turbo valves are priced below competitive designs because they are manufactured in the industry's newest and most advanced assembly plant utilizing significant interchangeability of parts between all valve models.


2. PERFORMANCE – We offer performance data (volume and peak pressure) on all valve models and will conduct a performance analysis vs. any competitive design upon request. Additionally, we are prepared to modify our stock valve performance to suit any customer's criteria.


3. RELIABILITY – All moving parts of a Turbo valve are significantly “over” engineered vs. competitive designs which provides for exceptional operating life of these components. Our diaphragm material, for instance, is approximately four times the weight and thickness of others. Our customers have attempted to endurance test our diaphragms to failure, often terminating short of failure at 1,000,000 cycles.


4. EASE OF TRANSITION – The inlet/outlet design of Turbo valves are dimensionally equivalent to other leading brands. This provides the collector manufacturer with “drop in” compatibility, absent of any modifications to accommodate Turbo products. All Turbo products are readily available in autocad format.


5. SERVICE – We inventory all standard Turbo valve designs in quantities sufficient to service virtually all customer requirements direct from stock. We routinely ship valves (or spare parts) the same day as ordered.


Click here for Turbo Pulse Valve Catalog

Our goal – to be the easiest company your staff will ever work with!

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