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Pleated Bags Not since the mid 1970’s introduction of Gore-Tex™ PTFE Membrane (by WL Gore Company) has our industry been more affected by the development of a new fabric structure than Spun Bond Polyester and the resulting success of Pleated Filter Elements — PFE’s (also referred to as Pleated Filter Bags).

For those collector manufacturers that have yet to venture into the application of PFE’s, we would suggest there is an application knowledge base that is available to you through the technical support staff of both Royal United and its PFE partner, iFIL. With a “state of the art“ manufacturing facility in Harrisonville, Missouri, iFIL USA (Innovative Filtration Technologies) is owned and operated by an industry veteran affiliated with iFIL AG Switzerland and specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of pleated filter bag technology. The combined talents of the US and European team brings vast design and application experience as well as manufacturing know how to the OEM market. Given the competitive marketplace of our OEM clients, there are significant opportunities for pleated technology that we can adderss: footprint and overhead height restrictions, improved air flow and efficiencies, lower total capital outlay on new projects, design optimization with respect to explosion and fire suppression. We are anxious to address your particular objectives or concerns.

For bag house manufacturers that are experienced in PFE application, we offer the following unique design features of our iFIL product line for your consideration:

TOP LOAD - Virtually all available top load PFE’s are designed with ease of installation and the creation of a gas tight seal with the tube sheet in mind. Very little consideration has ever been given to the difficulty of removal, which can be a nightmare of physical effort once the filters operating life is over. (If you are an active buyer of pleated “top load” bags, please try to remove just one of your current design from an installed hole!) Our unique and patent pending top load design offers the most user friendly installation and removal of any design on the market while maintaining a gas tight seal with the tube sheet. Please view the ease of installation on the adjacent video; removal is accomplished with equal ease. We will be pleased to forward a short sample, upon request, for purpose of comparison to your current design.


STAR BOTTOM - Our exclusive “Ledgeless” Star bottom has created quite a buzz from Plant Sanitation and Plant Management Personnel in the Food & Pharmaceutical industries where there has historically been concern in certain process applications of product being captured and accumulating on the ledge of a traditional bottom puck of the filter. iFIL’s Star bottom and bright white polyurethane, media and other components are intrinsically safe for food contact and are compliant with FDA 21 CFR Ch 1 (April 1, 2009 edition) & 177.1680.

Tl Top View

TL SERIES (with BUILT-IN VENTURI NOZZLE) - The uniquely contoured top shape (Patent Pending) of our TL Series top-loading filters provides a high efficiency opening which minimizes pressure drop in the filtering mode while maximizing, or amplifying, the effect of reverse pulse cleaning. Independent laboratory testing has determined this unique profile is capable of increasing available cleaning pressure by more than 10% while providing 15% additional reverse air flow. The combined effect provides a 25% increase in total cleaning energy over currently available competitive designs.

iFillCUSTOMER IDENTITY - Consistent with our Royal United business model to do all in our capacity as a supplier to enhance the ability of OEM customers to retain ALL aftermarket associated with their installed equipment base, iFIL has a unique capability to put their customers’ identity on all Pleated units. Through a unique mold/potting procedure; there are numerous opportunities to incorporate specific OEM identity (Company name, logo and/or phone number) into the molded parts of an iFIL manufactured product at no additional cost for volume users. YOUR IDENTITY ON EVERY UNIT!

Our goal – to be the easiest company your staff will ever work with!

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