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Matrix Wiring Systems: Simple and Cost Effective!

Matrix Wiring
  • Over 4000 installations since its 2009 introduction
  • The only single cable/multi exit wire system for the electrical connection of all integral valve coil assemblies to the timer/controller of a dust collector
  • Custom manufactured to your desired pitch (spacing and number of exits)
  • Significantly reduces the expense of shop or field wiring and the resulting errors
  • Eliminates the need for wire raceways and support structure of same
  • Economical and simple to utilize on your next project

Cost Saving and Flexibility
Our patented Matrix Wiring System is designed to reduce the time and expense of wiring installation and the significant expense of field correction of wiring errors. Matrix requires only a simple connection to the sequencer and provides a water tight plug in connection to each pulse valve.

Matrix consists of molded prewired DIN connectors that are factory assembled with the required pitch to accommodate any desired valve spacing. Matrix is compatible with any commercially available sequencer/controller, and connects to all commercially available pulse value designs.

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Please contact your Royal United Sales Representative to obtain a sample or further information concerning Matrix Wire Systems.

Matrix Wiring

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