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To create “The OEM Filter Connection” Royal United brought together the low cost producers of OEM quality filters in each fiber, fabric/media and filter construction (bags, cartridges and pleated bags). Collectively, they recognize Royal United as their exclusive sales/service center to the OEM market and have agreed to support our efforts with pricing and benefits previously unavailable to any OEM from a single source.

Cost Reduction

With years of experience in the manufacture and sales of filters used in dust collectors, the staff of Royal United does know the strengths and weaknesses of every domestic filter manufacturer. Recognizing there is no “One Manufacturer” that can offer the price, quality and service across the spectrum of media and construction to satisfy your critical review, we created a group of industry leaders that collectively pass this test. This group has agreed to establish OEM pricing levels that value Royal United’s total filter business with every pricing decision. Royal United has, in turn, agreed to be the most cost effective route to market for our partners. There is no incremental cost added to your filter prices.

Quality, Service and Project Coordination – All Under One Roof

Whether your filter requirements are to support a major project or an ongoing product line, we understand the needs of our OEM customer base. Our involvement assures prompt pricing and order placement, supervision of drawings and/or sample submittals, co-ordination of shipping schedules with our factories and with other related components also supplied by Royal United.

As respected industry leaders, each of our partners operate their manufacturing efforts with a degree of professionalism a “cut above” others. Attention to specification detail, consistency of product, on time delivery – it is not only their reputation that will be judged but ours as well.

Blind/Blind Drop Ship Procedure - Exclusively from Royal United

Since our inception in 2001, we have promoted the concept that your aftermarket business belongs to you. Accordingly we have built our business plan pledging never to sell directly to end users and to assist, in any way possible, in helping OEM’s retain the aftermarket revenue associated with their installed customer base.

If protecting the identity and ship-to location of your customer base is a concern, Royal United has implemented a nationwide shipping procedure wherein our manufacturing partners never know the identity of your customers and your customers never know the identity of our manufacturers. Involving the initial consignment of shipment to the carrier’s freight terminal and a subsequent “change of consignment” by either Royal United (or your staff), we effectively present only your name to both parties. Please ask your Royal United account manager for a detailed description of this unique effort.

Our goal – to be the easiest company your staff will ever work with!

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