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Explosion Relief Doors

Instant Response even at low pressures!

Now, you can protect vessel and building contents more effectively, and put an end to expensive, single-use explosion vent and rupture disk replacement costs at the same time.

By installing PSD explosion relief doors, you eliminate the time and cost of membrane replacement forever. Unlike single-use metal vents, PSD gives you a real door. A door that maintains a positive seal until it opens, under precise and predetermined pressure conditions. A door that, once opened, remains open until you close it- with little force and no tools

Patented latching system provides improved performance.

The key to the PSD explosion relief door is a unique diaphragm action, which triggers the magnetic latching system (United States Patent 4,207,706, other pats. pend.). Built directly into the door itself , the latching assembly opens as soon as the preset pressure is reached.

Other design and manufacturing features include:

  1. service up to 500 degrees farenheit.
  2. stainless steel latch springs and hardware.
  3. nylon sleeves on all critical moving parts to ensure reliable reaction.
  4. frames can be welded or bolted (4" centers) to housing or vessel.
  5. fingertip manual release.
  6. gasket seals for a variety of atmospheres.
  7. self-leveling latch seals.

Download Technical Report (pdf format)

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