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Air Headers

ASME Certified Air Header Assemblies

Integrated Pulse Systems,
a sister company to Royal United, is the leading source for pre-assembled air header technology in North America. Its primary focus is the design and fabrication of ASME Code pressure vessels (Section VIII, Division 1) utilizing high volume immersion valve technology.

These large diameter assemblies (usually 8” to 18” in diameter) are commonly utilized in conjunction with “long bag technology” to provide the necessary volume of compressed air needed to deliver the required cleaning energy.

All finished header assemblies are (U) code stamped, registered and 100% shop tested.

CE Certified Air Header Assemblies

Royal United offers the widest selection of design options for valve/header technology in the industry. Manufactured at our Turbo Controls pulse valve factory (also a CE certified air header assembly plant under CE directives PED 97/23 and C87/404), every finished assembly is pressure tested and certified per CE directives and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards. With state of the art automated equipment, including a significant investment in robotics, the facility is completely dedicated to the manufacture of pre-assembled air header systems for the dust collection industry. Additionally, header systems can be delivered both with or without pre-wired electronic components. Many of our customers find both the economics and product quality from a dedicated manufacturer in this field attractive and routinely source their air header requirements from us.

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