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All Turbo pulse valves can be supplied with a especially marked version of our standard molded coil and IP 65 DIN connector making them suitable for use in Category 3, Zones 2 and 22 applications as defined by ATEX directive 94/9/CE. (See explanation of categories and zones below)


For Category 2, Zones 1 and 21 applications, ATEX requires the pilot, coil and lead wire to be modified to include a brass pole, encapsulated molded coil and sealed wire exiting the DIN connector. (PLEASE NOTE - this modification increases the overall height of a Turbo valve by 31 mm)


What is ATEX?
ATEX is a set of European Union directives that derive from the name of the original French legislation known as "Atmosphere Explosive." Since July of 2006 the EU mandates that all employers classify areas where hazardous explosive atmospheres may occur in the work place. Areas are classified into Zones (0, 1, and 2 for gas, vapor and mist; 20, 21, and 22 for dust) and must be protected from effective sources of ignition. The standards that define equipment are listed under ATEX 95, directive 94/9/EC.

The aim of the directive was to allow for free trade within the EU of ATEX equipment by removing the need for separate testing and documentation by each of the member countries. See below for a listing of specific Categories and Zones under ATEX 94/9/CE.

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